Wakam appoints Catherine Charrier-Leflaive as CEO


French digital B2B2C insurer Wakam has unveiled a revamped governance structure by appointing Catherine Charrier-Leflaive as CEO, and Olivier Jaillon as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The duo both possess a significant track record within the insurance industry, and both share the same vision for more transparent and impactful insurance.

Charrier-Leflaive joined Wakam in early 2022 after a long career in banking and insurance. She has contributed to the transformation of major organizations, such as Aviva, Generali, and La Banque Postale where she particularly created and led La Banque Postale Assurances.

In addition, she is also President of APCADE, the French association for the promotion of competition in the loan insurance market.

Further, Jaillon is a tech and insurance entrepreneur who has founded several companies within both  France and the US.

Since its acquisition in 2000, he has transformed Wakam, making the company the European leader in digital insurance while instilling a unique corporate culture in the insurance world.

Jaillon, said: “I am delighted at Catherine’s appointment as CEO, which is a natural step in order to support the company’s strong growth. I will be involved in strategy, in securing major pan-European partnerships and in developing our Play&Plug platform, which is the real foundation of the partner relationship.

“I have total faith in Catherine’s ability to manage Wakam and lead the teams as she’s been doing since she joined us over a year ago. We will continue to move forward together, rising to the challenges ahead and defending the vision we share for the insurance industry in terms of agility, innovation and ethics.”

Charrier-Leflaive, added: “Thanks to Olivier’s unique vision, Wakam has undergone a real transformation to become a committed, innovative and international business and the European leader in white-label insurance.

“With Olivier, we share the ambition and strategy to pursue this development pathway by leveraging our common and complementary competencies. I look forward to working with him in my new role as CEO. My experience in the insurance industry and in transforming organizations will enable Wakam to achieve its ambitious goals with the help of its efficient and committed teams.”

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